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PN Cell Hanmo Shampoo


PN cell regation PDRN shampoo, 5000ppm of PDRN. A good aftercare solution for PN Cell vitoxidil.


On Cell Hanmo Shampoo On Sale!

PDRN made just for hair loss. Ingredients: Mannitol,PDRN,Sodium Hyaluronate,Zinc DNA,Copper Tripeptide-1, Sodium Chloride. Polydeoxyribonucleotide stimulates hair growth by revitalizing the hair follicles and stimulating blood circulation.

Improves scalp problems and increases thickness and fullness of hair throughout. Stimulates and strengthens hair follicles. Moisturises and nourishes hair and scalp. PN Cell vitoxidil is an effective treatment for people who are experiencing thinning, weak hair due to unfavorable scalp conditions.

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