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Buy Italy Placentex  5X3ml for sale
Specifications: 3ml × 5 ampoules
Production : Italy


Placentex Buy Online

Italy Placentex  5X3ml
Specifications: 3ml × 5 ampoules
Production: Italy

Product Description
The placenta is Italy´s most famous high-end products, by the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi´s love, for the reputation of David, the 2004 Athens Summer Olympic Games after the rich that he had purchased a large number of sub-Placenta give Integro Italian athletes.

Placenta Integro from the placenta of pregnant sheep, extracted a chemical or biologically active substance is a peptide material of living cells, this material can slow down human aging, immune regulation, anti-fatigue, and inhibit tumor.

Long-term use is an effective way to improve people´s passive immunity to improve the quality of sleep, constipation improve and enhance sexual function, improve skin elasticity, thickness, and gloss


Placentex Buy Online

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